Engineering next generation urban mobility

Berlin 20–21 March


Welcome to the City Car Summit - the international forum where leaders from the automotive, carsharing and technology sectors come together to shape the new urban mobility ecosystem.

Urbanisation, disruptive technologies and cultural shifts are transforming the mobility landscape. Urban consumers are looking beyond personal vehicle ownership and towards a new world of mobility-as-a-service. This is a world where carsharing and new micro-mobility products integrate seamlessly with mass-transit and slick journey planning tools, thanks to the power of the smartphone. And it is a world where access to driverless cars is just around the corner.

Automakers, tech companies and urban authorities are all working to re-imagine the place of the car in our cities to be more intelligent, connected and sustainable.

The City Car Summit is the place where solutions providers, decision makers and influencers converge. It is the place to define your position in the fast-growing market for smart urban mobility services.

During a packed two-day programme, the world’s leading experts and innovators in the field of urban personal mobility will help you:

  • understand the demographic, social, cultural and technological trends which are driving change in mobility demand throughout the world;
  • design vehicle architectures and systems which are optimised for urban, multi-modal, shared- use applications;
  • integrate game-changing technologies from highly automated driving, to wireless charging, to advanced new materials, to smart parking and;
  • embrace more service oriented mobility offerings; own customer relationships within highly integrated, multi-modal urban mobility systems.

Join us in Berlin and discover for yourself how a new coalition of mobility innovators are re-engineering the car as we know it today, to be a vital and sustainable component in the connected lives of city-dwellers world-wide.