Engineering next generation urban mobility

Berlin 14–15 March


The presentations for the 2017 City Car Summit will be available this week. Delegates will be emailed a link and password to access and save the presentations in due course. 



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Opening Session

Opening keynote speech

Claire Depré
Head of Unit - DG MOVE, European Commission

The place of the car in tomorrow’s intelligent urban mobility

Florian Lennert
Director, Intelligent City, Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), London School of Economics (LSE)

Developing the concepts, technologies and methods for future mobility in the digital age

Boris Behringer
Director, Porsche Digital Lab - MHP


Coffee Break


How vehicle automation will power mobility on demand?

Moderator: Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director, Neckermann Strategic Advisors

Self-drive me crazy

Prof. Wolfgang Gruel
Head of Autonomous Mobility Systems, car2go Group GmbH, Stuttgart Media University

The effects of autonomous cars on urban transport – a comprehensive view

Gunnar Landfester
Mobility, Traffic and Transport, Dornier Consulting International GmbH

Making autonomous vehicles for mobility on demand a reality

Raphaël Gindrat
CEO and Co-Founder, BestMile

The science of prediction: solving complex problems for a shared, driverless future

Peter Soutter
CEO, Good Travel Software




What approaches to vehicle and service design will give us the cars need we really need for the city?

Urban mobility the smart way

Daniela Snyders
smart - Business Development, Daimler AG

The new urban vehicle paradigm: designing for shared-use, urban ownership and autonomous

Damien Declercq
Executive Vice President - EMEA, Local Motors, Inc.

UX and service design: why a compelling digital user experience is central to the urban shared-use vehicle

Max Ackermann and Demetrio Gil
Managing Director, Berlin and Director, siberia


Coffee Break


Re-thinking the role of the city to enable better personal mobility

A tube for cars? Where transport technology should take us

Lars Hesselgren
Director of Research, PLP Architecture

Cities, carmakers and mobility providers - shaping urban mobility together

Frank Hansen
Center of Competence Urban Mobility, BMW Group


What do cities really want from smart mobility solutions?

Urban policy-makers around the world have long wrestled with the challenge of balancing economic growth with quality of life when it comes to urban transport policy. Reducing congestion, cutting pollution, reclaiming the public realm from parked vehicles and providing access to affordable, sustainable mobility used to be closer to fantasy than reality for most. Now the rapid convergence of the smartphone, connected vehicles, alternative energy and ICT-enabled transport services offers the potential to turn new urban mobility concepts into realities at amazing speed and scale.

But how much can be done with technology and how much must come from behavioural change? This panel will bring together mobility leaders from cities for a frank exploration of what today’s cities want, need and expect from mobility innovation.

Dr Annette Albers, Senior Planner Regional Transport, Verband Region Stuttgart

Knut Hechtfischer, Co-Founder, ubitricity

Frank Hansen, Co-Founder, Center of Competence Urban Mobility, BMW Group

Lars Hesselgren, Director of Research, PLP Architecture

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gruel, Head of Autonomous Mobility Systems, car2go Group


Evening Reception


Registration and Coffee


New business models driving future urban mobility forward

Moderator: Dr. Bodo Schwieger, General Manager, team red Deutschland GmbH

The evolution of new mobility platforms in the dawn of autonomous vehicles

Paulin Dementhon
Founder & CEO, Drivy

Making shared-use mobility offerings equally compelling for individuals and commercial users

David Miltner
Marketing Manager, Ubeeqo

Carsharing and ridesharing: two services, one fleet (and other ways to increase utilisation)

Armin Fendrich
General Manager, EMEA, RideCell

A new role for the car in MaaS: that’s my car, your car, our car

Richard Harris
Director, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance


Coffee Break


Putting the end-user first: how can we use technology to make everyone fall in love with carsharing?

Moderator: Sandra Phillips, CEO, movmi Shared Transportation Services

From intuitive front-end interfaces to powerful back-end systems; from one-way to P2P; from user personalisation to predictive analytics – smart deployment of connected carsharing technology will be key to creating shared-use value propositions that are irresistible to urban consumers and profitable for operators.

Michael Lange, Head of Sales & Marketing, INVERS GmbH

Edwin Maria Colella, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Omoove

Antonin Guy, VP Sales & Marketing, Vulog

Vladislav Ronzin, MonGeo Carsharing

Rui Avelãs, Senior Vice-President - Sales & Marketing, Mobiag




Creating the climate for mobility entrepreneurship

In a relatively short space of time the City of Berlin has emerged as a leading global hub for new mobility technology. Whether it’s carsharing, ridehailing, smart charging, big data or back-end tech – more innovative start-ups are born in Berlin than practically any other city on Earth. Why? One answer might lie in the network of world-class think-tanks, testing grounds and business incubators located here and the support they’re able to provide to a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs determined to change the way we move for the better.

This discussion will explore the contribution of some dynamic Berlin institutions that are nurturing innovation in the new mobility economy.

Tanja Kufner, Managing Director, Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation and Energy Berlin

Florian Lennert, Director, Intelligent City, Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), London School of Economics (LSE)

Other panellists to be confirmed


Big data - silver bullet for smart urban mobility?

Moderator: Richard Harris, Director, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Alliance

Cities and mobility companies worldwide are turning to the vast treasure troves of information they collect every day to better understand how people are moving around the city. At the same time predictive analytics is being used to harvest data to find solutions to transportation problems we couldn’t see until recently and new business opportunities to solve them.

This discussion will consider the latest applications that are supporting more efficient vehicle and road capacity utilisation, smart parking, microtransit and integration with public transport to create smarter and more user-friendly services in major cities.

Ellen Kuder, Vice President, Growth, Door2Door

Moritz Meenen, Founder and Managing Director, ElectricFeel

Dr. Hans H Puvogel, COO, Parkopedia

Christof Hellmis, Vice President Strategic Program Management, CTO Office, HERE


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