City Car Summit

Engineering next generation urban mobility

Berlin 15–16 March

Forward-looking companies will redefine themselves and move from being just car manufacturers to become personal-mobility companies

Bill Ford, Chairman
Ford Motor Company

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The car must adapt, or die.

More and more of us are living in cities. Scarcity of parking, congestion charging and the increasing allocation of space towards the public realm are making personal car ownership less and less appealing for city-dwellers. Residents no longer rely on their own vehicles but on public transport, shared cars and bikes and, above all, on real-time data on their smartphones. Urban agglomeration is bringing homes, businesses and vital services ever closer together.

Millennials now in their 20s and early 30s who have come of age the digital era, are less wedded to possessions than their baby boomer predecessors. Surveys show that they prize connectivity and experience over things. The future of transport is likely to be based not on individually owned cars but on ‘mobility as a service’.

The challenge for automakers and suppliers:

How can the car be reinvented to improve quality of life in the city of the future?

What can be done to make future cars more compatible with the sharing economy?

How can automakers transform themselves into profitable providers of mobility-on-demand?

Enlightened automotive companies are coming together in Berlin this year to turn a threat into an opportunity

The answers lie in the application of a range of innovative new technologies from IT, to sensor-fusion, to smart materials; combined with creative new business models. Those companies who embrace the urban mobility revolution will share in a dynamic new market estimated to be worth over $130bn. Those who stick to business-as-usual risk the same fate as Kodak, Nokia and countless other casualties of industrial and social disruption.

The City Car Summit is a global meeting place for engineers, designers, entrepeneurs and mobility operators who are working on new applications of engineering technology to make vehicles better suited for urban environments and new ways to harness big data to provide urban consumers with smart, integrated, profitable mobility services on demand.

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Who attends

  • Automakers
  • Component and System Suppliers
  • Carshare Operators
  • Technology Providers
  • Engineering Service Providers
  • Mobility Consolidators
  • Urban Authorities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academics
  • Startups
  • Investors
  • Innovators


Sebastian Hoeflich

Sebastian Hoeflich
CEO, DriveNow

Christian Freese

Christian Freese
General Manager, Germany

Dr. Frank Ruff

Dr. Frank Ruff
Senior Manager, Society and Technology Research Group
Daimler AG

Jörg Sädtler

Jörg Sädtler
CTO & Cofounder, ParkTAG

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Re-engineering the car for the city

  • New mobility concepts
  • Ultra-light urban vehicles
  • Urban electric vehicles
  • Highly automated urban vehicles
  • Innovative two- and three-wheeler concepts
  • Micro-mobility for the last mile
  • Innovative ergonomics and interior design

Re-inventing integrated urban mobility

  • New business models for mobility-on-demand
  • Car-sharing technology
  • Mobility platform / front-end interface
  • Front-end software
  • Smart parking innovation
  • Integration of different transport modes
  • Car-share-ready vehicles

  • 70 daily cost of parking and congestion charge in central London
  • 29% fewer GenY members will buy cars than GenX
  • 12m carsharing members worldwide by 2020
  • 12bn projected value of the carsharing business in 2020

Why attend?

Hear visionary speakers

Discover the latest mobility technologies emerging from the world’s most innovative companies and universities. Highly assisted driving, new interior and exterior materials, car-sharing technologies, smart parking, mobility apps and innovative concepts for last-mile mobility are all having a profound impact on how cars are designed, manufactured and used in cities.

Understand emerging trends

The Summit will showcase the opportunities, as well as the dangers, arising out of changing demographics, shifting mobility preferences of Gen Y consumers, the exponential growth in information technology and the rise of the sharing economy. The future is already here. Find out what it means for your business and your career.

Expand your network

Interact with the engineers, scientists, executives, entrepreneurs and policy-makers who are leading the urban mobility revolution around the world. Connect with 200+ industry innovators, sharing best practices and find out how to create vehicles and services that form part of a smart, interconnected and profitable urban future.


The City Car Summit is all about breaking down the wall between today’s cars and today’s cities.

So where better to tackle the creative and technical challenges of future mobility than Berlin? Germany’s biggest city is youthful, vibrant and knows a thing or two about reinvention. It is also home to many of Germany’s leading mobility institutes and start-ups.

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